I have worked with Michael closely in implementing Accounting Seed into our SalesForce instance.  We chose Accounting Seed ERP because it is built and operated as a native application inside SalesForce, which would allow is to use other apps layered with both Accounting Seed and SalesForce.  Michael had very strong references from key people at Accounting Seed.

We needed our setup to support our unique inventory tracking and reporting requirements in relation to nationwide locations and customer utilization of those assets.  Michael has worked to understand the differentiating points of our business strategy AND our system requirements.

The output has been an elegant and intuitive interface for our specific needs.  He has shown us ways to utilize existing SalesForce capabilities in unique and different ways that has reduced customization that we would have designed into the system on our own.  He has pointed out several times where high costs could creep into our implementation and has given a well thought out perspective or what is a “requirement” vs a “nice to have”, and the value of those alternatives.  This has allowed us to make the best decision to fit our long term goals.

We are excited about our work product thus far, and plan to continue to work with Michael as we layer in additional technologies into our SalesForce and Accounting Seed instance.

I strongly recommend him and his work.