The Importance of Workflow Automation—How Your Business Benefits

Every organization runs on efficiency. Without efficiency, competition will overcome any benefits one organization may have over another. Enter workflow automation. Your time and your business rely on high-quality output, and automation can create a more streamlined process to help you meet your goals.  However, while the benefits are vast, it pays to have the right partner to make sure your automation rules in salesforce work the way they are supposed to.  Gimbal Logic professionals are business people first and coders second, which means we take the time to understand your process and look for the most cost effective ways to save you money!

Here are a few ways that this simple strategy can save you time and money.

Reducing Errors Saves Money!

Workflow automation solutions that are tailored to your unique organization eliminate errors caused by manual entry. Overlooked projects, late notices, non-approvals and so much more can be tracked by automation. Instead of putting these precious actions in the hands of human beings who are bound to make mistakes, you can save yourself the cost of undoing errors by switching to automation.

Promotes Transparency

When jobs and money are on the line, mistakes cannot afford to be made. Management visibility plays a key role in internal reporting. Properly managed automation solutions streamline this process and reduce finger-pointing by giving managers total transparency at every stage of production.

Improves Employee Morale

Everyone knows that a happy employee creates happy customers. Automation reduces countless mundane tasks leaving your employees better able to manage customer service or improve their workplace efficiency. This not only improves morale it can also improve production and innovation.

Results in a 176 Percent Increased ROI

According to an independent study conducted by Forrester as commissioned by Nintex, increased productivity and easy to manage workflow automation results in a 17 percent increase in ROI. This ROI comes as a result of cutting some 20 percent of time spent managing simplistic processes that are better handled through automation. Can your company afford to pay 20 percent more?

By using the salesforce platform, you can put workflow automation into practice for your organisation and gain significant monetary and time-saving benefits.

Creating a simplified and automated process isn’t as difficult as you might imagine—no matter if you’re running a warehouse with distributors or own a franchise restaurant. This strategic process is applicable to any sized business in any industry.

How Automation Can Improve Customer Service

No business can thrive without a solid customer service system. Industries with high demand for customer care require more than just an email contact forum to deal with customer inquiries and concerns.

As with all things, technology has made some serious improvements to customer service processes. Automation has completely transformed the way customers and businesses interact, and now even small businesses can enjoy the benefits of this new and improved process.

Simplify Simple Interactions

When your customers have simple, frequently asked questions, automation is the best way to handle them. Tying up your staff to answer simple, every day questions is not only a waste of time, it’s also completely inefficient. Automation allows customer service to happen instantaneously for those with more basic inquires.

Increases Recovery Time

When something goes wrong, your developers can get to work fixing it if you use automated customer service tools. When your customers can’t access your website to get the answers to their basic questions you lose money. Automation sets up alerts that notify the right people at the right time.

Streamlines Communication Between Customers & Staff

Long wait times to speak with customer service representatives annoy your customers and stress out your staff. You can either hire more agents or turn to automation to solve this issue. Automation is far more affordable and is more efficient at streamlining communication than any human could ever be.

It Gives Customers What They Want

Your customers want answers to their questions and issues fast. They don’t want to spend hours figuring out how to solve their dilemma. Automation allows them to go straight to the source. Not only that, but the newest demographic—the Millennials—prefer automated interaction to person-to-person communication. Instant customer service is what they want.


Automation has the power to transform your business. It can streamline your customer service communication, lead to shorter downtimes, and so much more. On top of that, it’s also affordable. Not switching to automation, on the other hand, can cost you big time.

Don’t miss out on these amazing benefits. Automate your customer service for long-term financial gains.

The Truth About Cloud-Based Software—It Might Save Your Business!

In years past, companies would run applications and programs from software that was downloaded through a physical computer or local server. Today, companies and individuals can now access these same—and improved—applications through cloud computing software.

But what’s the big deal? Why is it so much better to use cloud-based software instead of traditional server based programs?

Little to No Upfront Costs

Any extra expenditure is a big deal to business. Cloud-based software doesn’t require the upfront costs of buying programs and downloading them for use. Instead, all you typically must do is sign up for the service and pay the monthly fee.

Greater Flexibility

If your business is growing then you need greater flexibility. Increasing your bandwidth is important. Scaling up your cloud capacity is so much easier than buying a new program or dealing with upgrades. It’s also much more convenient. With cloud-based software you get to choose how much bandwidth you need and when.

Instant Updates

Automatic updates protect your business and empower you to make the most of the technology available. Never waste time updating your software. Allow the cloud to do the maintenance for you while you focus on more important things like your business.

Increased Security

Dovetailing off the last point, automatic updates mean better security. The more relevant and up-to-date your software program is, the more secure it is. Protecting sensitive data is critical to ensuring the health of your business. Instead of dealing with the headaches and lost revenue from hackers and security breaches, choose cloud-based software for peace of mind.

How it Can Save Your Business

If you want to save on costs, increase the security of your business, and enjoy greater flexibility then you need cloud-based software systems. Don’t put your business at risk with outdated software, choose tools that work for your business—not against it.

Gimbal Logic are experts on integrating your business, workflows, processes and systems with and other cloud based software systems!  Since we are business people first and coders second, we take the time to understand your business, its processes and provide a cost-benefit analysis to moving your software to the cloud.  Contact to start the conversation that brings your company’s systems into the cloud, and brings your company into its next stage of growth.

8 Ways to Improve Your Accounting System

As a small business, accounting is one of the most important factors of keeping your organization, well, organized. The problem is, there are countless accounting systems out there—how can you possibly know which one is right for your business?

A good place to start is to see where the average accounting system fails and where the good ones excel. Let’s look at those common hiccups and discuss one accounting system that can serve you best.

Data Loss

There’s little worse than losing precious data, especially when it comes to your accounts. Accurate, up-to-date and perfectly tuned accounting systems prevent data loss in a big way. If you can’t afford to lose data, then you can’t afford the average system available.  Cloud based accounting can solve this issue as your data is backed up off-site reducing the need to create multiple backups of servers and other data at your location.  This is a particular benefit to

Security Concerns

Can your organization handle a serious security breach? Hackers and criminals of all sorts are constantly trying to undermine your security, leaving you and your clients in a very vulnerable position. That doesn’t have to happen, however. The best accounting system protects you from security concerns and taps into the latest security measures. has security built into every aspect of its platform, enabling user and company wide security settings, and managing over 80,000 different companies software.  Security has become one of their core competencies, something small business can leverage when moving their accounting systems into the cloud.

Rigidity; Lack of Customization

Your organization is unique, and so should your accounting system be. Whether you have a nonprofit, retail shop, or provide a creative service, you need a system that is customized to fit its needs. Ridged, single minded software isn’t going to cut it.  The flexibility and customization possibilities of the platform allows companies to partner with Gimbal Logic, to create multiple applications tailored to fit their business like a glove.  By using a platform that is open and enables customized development, your company can move its processes in the cloud and increase its competitive advantage.


This should go without saying, but if you can find a more affordable accounting system that provides the flexibility and tools you need to stay secure you should use it.  However, one of the costs that few people consider, is the hardware and maintenance costs required in an accounting system.  The software has to be affordable and align with your goals for your business.

Move Into the Future

Integrated systems are a key component in growing your business. The right system will include tools that integrate your entire system—from workflow to inventory tracking—in a way that brings you into the future.  This is where Gimbal Logic comes in.  Taking on a new accounting system can seem overwhelming, since accounting touches so many of the day to day functions of your business.  Gimbal Logic through its business professionals, will help you cut through the noise and create a plan to move forward, slowly integrating your systems or combining them into one cloud based system that helps you manage your business.  Our expertise creates one version of the truth, one system that can grows with you.

Ability to Meet Your Organizations Needs

Again, ask yourself if the accounting system you’re using is truly a right fit for what you’re doing. Does it hinder your process or hold you back? Are there serious flaws in where it handles updates? Can it easily streamline multiple accounts? If it can’t, then it’s time for a change.


Whether you’re a small or large organization, usability is critical to your overall success. An easy to manage interface and seamless tools will ensure you always have the best of both worlds.

Workflow Automation

Advancements in technology, like workflow automation, can lift a heavy burden off your shoulders. If your accounting system doesn’t include automation, you could be losing serious revenue.

How Gimbal Logic Can Help

Gimbal keeps your technology stable while the entire landscape around you changes. With many successful implementations of the AccountingSeed software to its name, Gimbal Logic provides a strong understanding of the accounting product on the platform (Salesforce), a deep knowledge of accounting and business processes, and experience creating ERP, Barcode, Inventory, field service, time card, and other workflow solutions that integrate with AccountingSeed and other accounting software. It is an all-in-one solution that maintains all the important details you need it to while also increasing your businesses results. Allocating and receiving compensation for your project-based business isn’t an option. Our software helps you track of your projects effortlessly. It also helps you save money, experience greater results, and embrace the future.

Get your accounting system into the 21st century and never worry about changes as they pop-up, we’ll have your back.

Key Trends in Inventory Management That You Need to Know About

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of inventory management? If so, then you’ll find up-in-coming management trends and technology to your liking.

Preventing bottom-line swelling and integrating lean inventory tracking is the way of the future. But what can you expect in way of technology and how might that benefit your business?

Expect the IoT to Make a Big Splash

The Internet of Things is changing the way everyone does business. With this new technology a modern-day reality, you can track your business’ products not only in the warehouse, but at every stop along the way to their destination. This changes the way organizations think about inventory management.

From manufacturing to distribution and beyond, IoT is set to change the way organizations manage their products from point A to point B.

Cloud-Based Management

Not only is the cloud more secure than previous management methods, it also provides greater flexibility. Uniformed management allows access across a broad range of devices which increases productivity for employees.

Analytics Will Create Data-Driven Decisions

Without analytics, how can you know where your organization is going? Metrics around your stock are critical when making time-sensitive decisions. In combination with cloud-based technology, analytics can now show precise information about your inventory, how customers are responding, and where to cut back. Integrating inventory management with powerful cloud based technology creates a streamlined process that benefits your bottom line.

Real-Time Data Has Never Been More Important

Back in the old day’s inventory was tracked and entered manually into systems once a week or so. Today, there’s no room for slow inventory tracking. Real-time data is not only convenient, it’s required. Scanning technology makes it possible to input, in real-time, what’s in your warehouse.

Key Takeaways

As a small business owner, you need to, if you haven’t already, focus on:

  • Cloud-based Management
  • Following Analytics
  • Tap into the Internet of Things
  • Upgrade to Real-Time Data

Most of these trends have been standard practice for big business for some time. If you’re not already on track to use them, there’s no better time than the present to start.

Closing the Critical Gaps in Field Service Inventory: Arpi’s of Calgary uses Gimbal Barcode, Inventory, and ERP to Extract Big Savings!

Arpi’s of Calgary is a successful, mechanical and A/C contractor in the Calgary, Alberta area, drawing on its reputation for quality, service, and experience.  Running over 50 trucks in the area, the inventory on each truck becomes very difficult to track.  The business professionals at Gimbal Logic spent time understanding the challenge and developing a plan to address the problem.


A 24% increase in warranty part claims and a 345% increase in extended warranty billing within four months of implementation.

Since we are business people first and coders second, our approach starts with a deep dive into your business process, mapping your processes, meeting with the critical stakeholders, and aligning our work with your short term and long term goals.  Our communication with our clients is based on developing trust and a long-term partnership where problems can be shared, discussed, and solved together.  Once a business action plan takes shape, we bring our technical expertise to apply the software solutions that fit.  After all, our clients are highly successful, growing businesses, who could teach college level courses on building successful enterprises, our approach is to support their vision with cost effective technology and tools to drive further success.  Click here to learn more about Arpi’s success working with Gimbal Logic!

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Introducing Gimbal Inventory!

Manage your inventory in Salesforce! Gimbal Logic is pleased to introduce an exciting new product from Gimbal Logic enabling small and mid-size businesses to add insight and visibility to their sales process by providing access to inventory inside Salesforce.

Contact Gimbal Logic to schedule a free demo.

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Gimbal Barcode is now Lightning Ready!

Gimbal Barcode, a salesforce enterprise level application for generating, printing, and scanning barcodes is now Lightning Ready!

To learn more about Lightning Experience in Salesforce, click here.  More Salesforce Lightning information here.

Gimbal Barcode has a number of use cases, including but not limited to:

  • Document Control – Manage your document processing by creating barcodes on documents to enable easy processing, sorting and data entry. Send clients document cover pages that they can send back with barcodes to enable quick sorting and processing.
  • Serialized Inventory & Barcoding – Track items from the moment that they arrive in your facility to when they ship to your customer. Generate barcode labels in Salesforce, adhere to your inventory, scan in and out of your facility. Print barcode tags with serial numbers. Scan barcode tags to consume serialized inventory.
  • Conferences, Events & Meetings – Create badges for your next company meeting or event, send badge information over email in a pdf, enabling attendees to print out their badge and sign on using their barcoded badge. Develop membership cards that can be scanned in and out to track members. Track and manage conference attendees.

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Prodigy Health Saves Lives with its Inventory Management System from Gimbal ERP

geolocateOur world is characterized by ever more impressive medical improvements and treatments. New treatments and therapies that improve people’s lives are becoming more and more available, and companies are finding innovative ways to deliver those treatments to patients.  For time-sensitive conditions, where the speed of delivery can impact the outcome, transparent, reliable and robust inventory management systems are required. Prodigy Health Supplier, manages over 250 pharmacy warehouses across the country, with life-saving medication that can be shipped out at a moment’s notice.  Delivery is not measured in days, but in hours, and as such, they turned to Gimbal Logic to develop a solution.

Gimbal Inventory, an application created by Gimbal Logic built on the salesforce platform enables all members of your organization to have visibility into your inventory.  Turning your distribution company into an accurate, reactive, customer driven organization.

Screens such as the one on the right, bring your inventory to life in Salesforce. 

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Gimbal Logic’s Unique Approach to Implementation


Simple, Honest, Cost Effective Implementation

What happens when you combine a background in the executive suite, technology buying, salesforce implementation and honesty?

You end up talking people out of hiring you or spending money on things they don’t need.

First and foremost, the salesforce ecosystem is full of implementation consultants. The low barriers to entry for individuals to become certified has grown the salesforce community.  Therefore, this has created variability in the skill set of administrators, developers and architects.

When hiring an implementation consultant, ask these questions:

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Salesforce Success – Empire Countertops

Empire Countertops (

Empire Countertops (

Salesforce success starts with Gimbal Logic!

Empire Countertops, has built a 25-year reputation based on excellent people dedicated to exemplary service. Empire is equipped with state-of-the-art countertop fabrication technology. They have two 3,500 square foot design centers in Texas. They maintain a large inventory of over 100 colors of natural stones at their Pilot Point and Austin showrooms. By keeping more inventory, Empire’s clients have a large selection to choose from.  Empire can meet the varied nature of customer demand and deliver a higher level of service. But proper accounting of their inventory in particular was a way to maintain and highlight this competitive advantage.

Inventory Management is the Key to Their Salesforce Success!

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Gimbal Logic Demonstrates Barcode Scanning Functionality in Test Drive


Gimbal Logic is a solution provider with a dedicated focus on accounting, inventory, and job-cost solutions for small- and mid-size manufacturing, construction, and distribution companies. In addition to producing software solutions such as Gimbal Barcode and Gimbal ERP, Gimbal Logic provides cost-effective customizations that fit your business “like a glove”, and scale with your business at it grows.

Use Cases for Gimbal Barcode

Gimbal Barcode is a visual force element that is 100% native to the salesforce platform, enabling its users to barcode.

Document Control – Manage your document processing by creating barcodes on documents to enable easy processing, sorting and data entry. Send clients document cover pages that they can send back with barcodes to enable quick sorting and processing.

Serialized Inventory & Barcoding – Track items from the moment that they arrive in your facility to when they ship to your customer. Generate barcode labels in Salesforce, adhere to your inventory, scan in and out of your facility. Print barcode tags with serial numbers. Scan barcode tags to consume serialized inventory.

Conferences, Events & Meetings – Create badges for your next company meeting or event, send badge information over email in a pdf, enabling attendees to print out their badge and sign on using their barcoded badge. Develop membership cards that can be scanned in and out to track members. Track and manage conference attendees.

Time Cards – Create a time card application managed through Salesforce. Use barcodes to scan employees in and out, manage attendance through the tracking date and time.

Return Authorizations (RMAs) – Manage the RMA process on service vehicles through barcodes. Field service technicians repairing equipment in the field can barcode a returned part and bring it to the attention to the inventory department, sending back to manufacturer for credit or replacement.

Membership Application – Generate and affix barcodes to a membership cards enabling the scanning of those cards upon entry or exit into your organization logging that activity into a record.

Sync with Customers and Suppliers – Develop a barcode system with distributors or suppliers to enable communication across the supply chain.  Immediately characterize an item when its scanned into Salesforce or triggering a safety stock check before prompting a user to reorder.

Customer Returns – Send a return authorization email to a customer with a pdf generated dynamically from a case in Salesforce. Enabling them to print a barcode, place it in the box for return and scan that barcode when you receive it, automatically calling up a record or case where the returned item can be put back into inventory or sent to a supplier for credit.

Gimbal Barcode Scanning Demonstration

Gimbal Logic has added increased functionality demonstrated in our test drive on the salesforce app exchange.  You can view the video below to see the scanning functionality available through our Gimbal Barcode application.  Gimbal Barcode makes barcoding easy in salesforce!

Get your Gimbal Barcode user license from Salesforce’s appexchange here.  Gimbal Logic offers custom implementation and design of your barcoding application, whether scanning inventory, returned parts, creating barcodes for a conference or a membership card, email Gimbal Logic for more information.

Gimbal Barcode has excellent and easy to use documentation available on the app exchange and provides excellent support to get the application installed and ready for use. For clients requiring additional integrations, help with other ERP features, inventory and other customizations including some of the suggested uses above, we have a team of experienced Solution Architects, Developers, and Administrators. Contact us below to set up a time to discuss your need and talk to a local lead architect!