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Gimbal Logic builds low-cost cloud-based solutions for mid-size companies in the manufacturing, construction, and professional services industries.

We specialize in all-in-one solutions for accounting, inventory management, and workflow automation. Partner with us to spend less, get more, deliver quickly, and embrace change.

Let’s discuss what Gimbal Logic can do for your business today.

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G/L - A/P - A/R

The nuts and bolts of accounting – General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable – do not need to be painful or time-consuming.  Whether you are producing a product or delivering a service, we can help ensure that straight-forward GAAP-compliant accounting is an effortless outcome of business operations.  Ask us about our experience automating job-cost allocation of burdened labor expense, and shared direct costs.

Project Accounting

If you are in a project-based business, you know how important it is to have accurate and complete allocation of costs to projects.  We build systems that make it easy for employees to record their time and the materials consumed, and we do it in a way that makes it easy to allocate shared costs across multiple projects, accrue revenue, and issue invoices.  If it takes you more than 3 business days or 36 person-hours to close a period, give us a call and we’ll tell you what we can do to make things better.

Inventory Management

Know how much you paid for it, where it is, and where it went.  Know what’s on order and when it will arrive.  However you purchase, receive, store, and expense inventory, we can automate material accounting by actual cost, average cost, FIFO, or standard cost.  We will implement to your specification, or work with you to design a process that fits your business, while being easy to modify and maintain as your business grows.

Workflow Automation

All businesses present opportunities to reduce costs by improving automation.  The question is:  what can you really expect to gain, in dollars and cents?  Automation means less labor, and less labor usually means not only less direct cost, but also less error and inaccuracy.  We will help you identify automation opportunities that meet your investment requirements.  It is not uncommon for our projects to pay for themselves in 12-18 months.

Meet Our Team


Michael Robbins
President, Solution Architect

If you’ve never heard an engineer wax philosophical of the time that he spent in a room full of robots, you’ve probably never met Michael.  After spending the first decade of his career designing automation systems for applications ranging from personal submarines to sterile packaging equipment, Michael turned his talents to energy efficiency projects and joined start-up LPB Energy in 2006.  After rising to the dual role of COO/CTO at the 200-person company, and participating in the sale of LPB Energy to Ecova, Michael started Gimbal Logic to help business of all sizes reduce cost and gain flexibility.

An accomplished programmer, designer, and writer, Michael holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Methodist University, a Diploma in Robotics and Automation from British Columbia Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from McGill University.  Michael has been awarded two patents for his work in the area of data-centric energy conservation:  US Patent #8359,215; US Patent #8,131,609.

Michael, his wife Jennifer, and their kids live in the tree house behind their other home in Dallas, TX.  As a family, they love to ski, bike, boat and camp, sometimes all in one day!


Walter Thomas
Solution Architect

What do you get when you combine the experience of a seasoned Fortune 1000 technology executive, with the mystifying capabilities of a web 2.0 software engineer?  Some call such rarities a “purple squirrel”, but we call him Walt.

Since his formative years at Iowa State University, Walt has spent decades in various senior executive roles at such luminary technology companies as Computer Associates, Legent Corp, and AON, before catching the entrepreneurial bug, and jumping aboard to help build-up the competencies of Gimbal Logic.

Walt and the love of his life live on Long Island, NY where they spend as much time as possible towing their kids and grandkids around the Great South Bay, behind one of Walt’s water toys.  And when the temperature drops too low for watersports, there’s always a bit of skiing to be done in the Poconos.


Faizul Mannan
Solution Architect

We’ve never been sure what he finds so amusing, but ever since leaving a successful career as a senior technology manager at a Fortune 25 company for a more entrepreneurial opportunity, Faizul can’t seem to stop grinning.  Faizul’s an accomplished programmer, software architect, and management professional, and we’re proud to say that he’s all ours!

Prior to joining Gimbal Logic, Faizul was a Senior Manager at Amerisource Bergen, where his responsibilities included leading a global team in the development of high-reliability enterprise-scale healthcare solutions.  Faizul is a certified Agilist, and certified ITIL professional, and he holds a BS in Computer Science and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

Born and raised in Bangladesh, the story of Faizul’s immigration to the U.S. is an inspiring tale of the American dream come true.  These days, when not taking a beating from his 9-yr old Tae Kwan Do champ, or scrambling to catch his 5-yr old gymnast, Faizul enjoys fine dining and good movies with his wife Saira.


Matt Edwards
Solution Architect

Matt is a rarity among web developers: someone with a formal education in the field that we sometimes call “work!”  With a double major in Computer Science and Business Administration, Matt has been tearing down and rebuilding ideas about how a business should process operational data since the mid 90’s.  More than anyone else on the team, Matt keeps us humble, honest, collaborative, and light-hearted.

Matt spent the better part of two decades developing customized solutions for utility invoice processing and energy management on Microsoft frameworks before heeding the call to “go cloud or go home”.  Matt has extensive experience with A/P systems in such diverse fields as manufacturing, transportation, real estate, and healthcare.  His first exposure to the power of the Force.com platform was via a state-of-the-art translation of a single-tenant VB/SQL application into a multi-tenant Force.com solution.

Matt and his wife Andrea and their kids have, on several occasions, sampled life outside of the Puget Sound region, and each adventure leaves them more convinced that there’s just no place like the pacific northwest.